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I have tried, without sucess, many solution to set the labels on a guest page.
- refresh settings ( admin console )
- readregistry
- shut down kill com+
- kill efficy com+ process
- empty the browser cache
- reload page ( ctrl +f5 )

Does anyone have a suggestion ?

Thx :)

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Normally, the readregistry is enough.

Just be sure that the custom file for the guest label are well created under your custom\guest folder. The name of this file is "guestlabels.txt" and it follow the same structure than the "efficylabels.txt" ... all labels should be separated with a [TAB] character.

Be also sure that you are using the following DLL function to get your label:



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Thx Stéphane, the file is well-formed and located in the custom/guest folder
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Now it is working !

I moved my guestlabels file into the wwwroot folder ( as efficylabels file )

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It is not such a good technique to put the GuestLabels.txt file inside the root folder. On a server with multiple Efficy guest pages, this is harder to maintain.

Did you try using the "MyApp_Filebase" registry setting? If well defined, you should be able to leave the GuestLabels.txt inside your guest root folder.
I already checked my regitry entries, the filebase is "customs/mycustom/guest/"
It is not / but \ you should use.
So the correct filebase is : customs\mycustom\guest
And without a \ at the end
Sorry my bad,
I wrote it "customs/mycustom/guest/" but in my regedit it is like you said "custom\mycustom\guest"
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