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I'm setting a lookup field to list contains 1700 option, but on Edit window only almost 560 options are shown and the rest are not there (i can't search them, it's "Lookup with search window").

Please advise, is it bug? is there some work around to get all the values in the list?

Thank you.
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Can't you implement a master-detail relation, so you can filter the data? Because this is not user friendly to have 1700 options in a list.


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Hello Geoffrey,

Actually No we can't, it was like this on 2012 and when we upgrade to 2014 this issue appears. please advise.

Thank you
Hello Geoffrey,
Why using a master details if there is search windows on the list?
Because it would have been a solution : filter = less records.

But here I don't think that we can use the basic lookup, and we need to do a query that retrieve the data as the user is typing. I will try to do it if i find some free time
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