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I would like to know if there is any way of sending an email with Efficy with an Attachment(s) to it?

I checked in the EDN but could not find anything.

I know that some customer are using guest pages to share Efficy document, but the customer don't want guest pages because of high security environment.

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You mean in batch, like from a publication?
Or just one single e-mail?
in a serverscript or a batch we need to send a list of contact birthday to some boutiques to the XLS format.
Some external tools could also be used with an HTTP call, like Sendgrid :


That might work indeed

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The maildispatch does not support attachments, so with the Efficy tools only, I do not see a possibility.

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Hello Kristof,
Do you know if it is in the R&D plan to develop this feature ?
Its not in the planning and is less important compared to the past because we have now shared documents
This is what I told to the customer.

But he is ready to pay for that. Do you think the R&D could make a change or it is technically not possible ?


Define the exacts specs you need and  ask Robert for an estimation.
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