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What I understood from edn is that Extranet needs contact licenses (and may be a full user call GUEST not sure about that one) and the contact licenses are counted on the number of contacts that have a EXTCODE field filled in.

Guest page doesn't need license but the user should pass its MAILINGCODE in the URL of the guest page in order to retrieve some information in Efficy.

I saw in some example some guest pages using a logon page Login = email + Password = MAILINCODE.

So why using Extranet if Guest pages can also have some sort of "security" ?

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It was not a good idea IMO that the usercode for the extranet was called GUEST. It only makes confusion with Guest pages bigger.

Guest pages

Guest page are anonymous web requests that are executed to efficy.dll/guest. No logon and session are required. Efficy uses a user/pwd combination stored in the registry to logon and in this context API calls are executed. It can be the guest user, but it can also be the admin user. But the best and safest approach is a dedicated user with only the rights required for the guest pages.

When the mailingcode parameter is present in the /guest request, you can use macro's like <%GetField()%>

(Helpdesk) extranet

Helpdesk extranet sessions behave more like normal Efficy sessions. You have to logon to make a session, but instead of logon with user, you logon with the credentials of a contact.
So that is why you need contact licenses. You can use any request /edit, /dialog, /consult

Changes will be seen in the application as being executed by user GUEST, you will not see the contact key anywhere.

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Warning : Using the extranet session by using contact extcode and extpassword mean that all the context you want to bring to the connected contact in you page must be attached to the contact. In some cases link in database doesn't exist.
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