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Hi All,

I got a customer request to implement a 3 max login attempt for Efficy 2012.

We cannot upgrade to Efficy 2014.
Is it possible to use the Efficy 2014 max login attempt functionality as a customisation on Efficy 2012?

kind regards,

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Are you sure it is not part of the latest 2012 build? Imo, it is.
Have you check the admin console page http://myserver/efficy.dll/admin?action=editsettings

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Once again, thankx Kristof,

I will check the actual efficy build for this customer.
Hi Kristof,

I just installed Efficy 2012 Summer Plus (r2802) to check for the functionality. Unfortunatly it's not in there. If you know for sure this function is availible in Efficy 2012, could you let me know what build to use?
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