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Hi all,

I got a customer question to create a monthly report on conficy security changes.
They are using Efficy 2012.

Untill now, we report the days when someone did something in Conficy.
Does anyone have an creative ideas to implement some sort of change log for Conficy.

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You can also enable the usage of SYS_CHANGED for other tables. You can in fact do it for all table views. Based on your specifications, you might be interested to activate it for the following conficy tables below.

Update SYS_TABLEVIEWS set LOGCHANGES='1', ISCUSTOM='1' where NAME in ('Users','Groups','Rights','Security','Shares')

Refresh database connections and login again in the Designer. Changes a user property, or the user memberships and you will see the log lines appear in SYS_CHANGED. After that, it is just a matter of making a report on it.

Efficy is cool right?

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You just need to know. This is exactly what I need.
I will check this out as soon as possible.

Big Thankx

Indeed Efficy is cool! :-)
Glad I could help. The purpose of this Q&A is to select the best answer. Then it is clear that the questions has been solved
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