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I created a panel with a pair of fields.
In efficy, the panel appears as "Fields" in english, "Champs" in french.
With Conficy, in the translations of my panel, I specified terms in different languages but it has no effect on the interface.

Remark : If I add a second panel, my terms are used as title of my "sub-panel".

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You could define a new label for the "Fake category".

In MacroConsultCustom.txt you will get something like this:
DetailCommandsContent.ENTITY.Catg {[

<%GetCategoryHeaders(standardlabel="**New Label**")%>


In MacroEditCustom.txt you will get something like this:
TabHeaderCategories.ENTITY {[
<%GetCategoryHeaders(standardlabel="**New Label**")%>

In CustomLabels.txt you can then define the translation for this New Label.

Hopefully this is also usefull for you.

PS. Replace ENTITY with the entity on which you want to change the "Fake category"
PS2. Replace New Label with the label you want to give the "Fake category"

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" fields" (or "champs" in french) is used for the "fake category" on the main entity and not for panels.

To rename this "fake category" :
use Customlabels.txt by adding your translation for "fields"

Remark : Global rule for category/panel is :
category always appears
panel appear only when tou have two or more panel

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This means that we're in trouble if we have a "fake category" in different entities.
I won't use panels anymore but real categories.

Thansk for the info.
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