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I created an entity in Conficy. The generated custom contains files such as xxxEdit.htm, xxxEditForm.htm... how should I integrate these in my custom, because I think these files follow the old 2012 structure?

In the generated custom, there are also two files "MacroConsultCustom.txt" and "MacroConsultNewCustom.txt". What is the difference, and which one should I use? Should I add both to my MacroConsultCustom.txt?

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The entity creation process is not migrated yet to the Efficy 2014 style. This means that you cannot use the content of the generated custom folder or at least very few of it.

The blue team created in 2014 already three new entities and we did it just by examining how standard entities in Efficy are specified in the macro files. I see it as a good exercise for you to add a new entity completely manually on the HTML part. You will learn a lot about the architecture of the new 2014 version while doing this.


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