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This question is more R&D related. Is there a change in the arguments of Request.getMacro() in 11.3 ?

I used it before (11.1 / 11.2) and I used TEnhStringList as last argument. It appears that in 11.3, only a string is allowed (solution : TEnhStringList.getText("\r\n", true)).

Could you confirm that there is a change (and mention it on the documentation) ?



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The getMacro tag changed in 11.3, we had to correct this method for Submariners already on 2 may 2019, SVN commit 61359.

Until 11.2

Request.getMacro("MyMacro", entityName, "", macroArguments)

becomes now

From 11.3

Request.getMacro("MyMacro", entityName, "", macroArguments.text)

I don't like these kind of changes, it should support both a string and the Delphi object for backwards compatibility

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I agree, we should have provided a backward compatible method.

We'll try to avoid making this kind of changes in the future, this change has slipped through the net...
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