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I can not find the usefulness of some fields in the database:


  • EMAIL : I think that the value is "1" it means that the document is an email imported from Outlook ? So I think there is a line in MAILS too ?


  • KIND : what does it mean? Can I find the possible value and their meaning somewhere ?
  • PATH and COMMENT : If I understood the GetAttachmentName function tag PATH is the name of the uploaded file and COMMENT is the "name updated by Efficy" ?
  • STREAM : as it's of type "image" it store binary data of the file ?
  • THUMB / PICTURE : I did not understand
  • K_ATTACHMENT / K_ATTACHVERSION : I don't understand, and there are not in the SYS_FIELDS table


  • K_FOLDER : LK_MAIL_FOLDER, not in the form, is it defined directly when importing mail from Outlook to Efficy ?
  • FROMOWA : ?

P.S : Efficy version 10.2

Thanks in advance :)


I tried to understand how the file extension is displayed on pages/grid/DocuFile.htm but I can not.
The file name and extension are display with

<span class="path"><%GetAttachmentName("<#F=PATH; jstext=T; nospace=T>", comment="<#F=COMMENT; jstext=T; nospace=T>")%></span>

Except if I misunderstand, according to GetAttachmentName if the comment argument is not specified, Efficy will display the PATH value, right ?
Efficy does not show antything with only this :

<span class="path"><%GetAttachmentName("<#F=PATH; jstext=T; nospace=T>")%></span>

I tried this because Efficy show 'myFileName.pdf' but COMMENT contains only 'MyFileName' (without the extension). So I suppose that Efficy get the extension from PATH ?

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Here are the explanations:

  • DOCUMENTS.EMAIL is flagged as 1 when it was converted from an Outook e-mail. The link with the mail can be removed, but this "source information" field will still be flagged
  • FILES.KIND and the 4 common kinds are in detailed explained in the Files Overview guide. It indicates if the file is embedded (into STREAM), linked, remote or a big file.
  • In case the file is linked, FILES.PATH contains the path to the local file and FILES.COMMENT is the display name. For embedded files, when you alter the name, you change the COMMENT field.
  • The STREAM, PICTURE and THUMB fields are described in this topic Pictures and PDF files in Efficy. The latter two are only used when the STREAM is a picture and ImageMagick is installed.
  • The K_ATTACHMENT and K_ATTACHVERSION should be custom fields, I don't know them. That also explains why they don't exist in your SYS_FIELDS.
  • MAILS.K_FOLDER values (1 = Emails created and sent by Efficy, 2 = Inbound mails, 3 = Outbound mails)
  • MAILS.FROMOWA, is flagged as 1 when it was uploaded from Outlook Web Access (OWA)

COMMENT is actually the file name, while PATH contains the unchangeable extension. Renaming happens only on COMMENT. Typically, when uploading files in Efficy, the extension is not included in COMMENT while PATH contains the original filename including the extension. Efficy always used the extension available in PATH to associate the target application.

I'm hoping that your Efficy wisdom has just been leveled up!

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Thank you for that very detailed answer. I'll take a look at your links
I have some difficulties to understand how Efficy fond and display the extension (I edited my post)
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