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Hi all,

Does anyone know if 11.3 supports SQL server 2017 express?

When installing an Efficy 11.3 with Express 2017 we're getting an error: Member not found. It looks like the reason is the db. Is this possible?

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Hi Rob, I'm running all version of Efficy, incuding the latest 11.3 on Microsoft SQL Server 2017 without any issue. The member not found likely comes from a incorrect regisration of a dll, maybe midas.dll or something of the Application Server. Try a re-installation or reboot of the machine.

FYI, my exact version:

Microsoft SQL Server 2017 (RTM-CU6) (KB4101464) - 14.0.3025.34 (X64)   Apr  9 2018 18:00:41   Copyright (C) 2017 Microsoft Corporation  Express Edition (64-bit) on Windows 10 Pro 10.0 <X64> (Build 17763: ) 
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Be sure to execute the Efficy setup with "right click", "run as administrator"
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Hello Rob,

Most of the time, this error is related to the midas.dll.

What I usually do, uninstall Efficy product, unregister the midas.dll (from the command line as administrator : c:\Windows\System32>regsvr32.exe midas.dll -u

Then reboot yout computer.

After that, delete the existing midas .dll which is in c:\Windows\System32.

Reinstall Efficy. Don't forget to execute your setup with "right click run as administrator".

As kristof said, this it not related to the DB Engine.


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