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Hello Efficy Team,

I am trying to change the consolidatedCurrency from € to "CHF".
I changed it in the syssettings, and I set the KCURRCY from "~" to "4".

But the changes does not seems to be applied :

enter image description here

What do I need to change ?



closed with the note: Solution provided by the R&D : change the value in efficy/js/mtHelpers/kanban.js
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Hello Loïc,

This is unfortunately hard-coded in efficy/js/mtHelpers/kanban.js, in the function formatAmount.
It should probably be improved by R&D team, you can create a case if you feel it's relevant.


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Thanks Anthony,
I'll create a suggestion for the R&D. For the moment, changing the value in  efficy/js/mtHelpers/kanban.js, is a good solution.

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