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Into the new 11.3 (Build 11.3.18130.0 2019-06-28 11:03) the activation of the category doc$invoice is mandatory to access to the Plus Button to add a product.

Should I understand R&D decided to block all link to a document if product is not use to create invoice ?
It's a problem in that case. Lot of my customers use documents linked to products to add Pictures or technical PDF description. Then use gallery into product to show pictures and technical detail of the product.

So do you know if it possible to bypass that without any customization. Maybe there is something to parameter into designer ? The only solution for the moment to me is to activate the category by default into the document. But it's stupid !

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Hello Laurent,

Did you made a case to the R&D ?
It remind me the case : CFT-2019-98230. The category "DOCU$INVOICING" was also mandatory (but the error wasn't nice at all).

If you could share with us the follow up of this problem, it would be nice.



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it was not me :), so I'm not alone to be surprised by this restriction.
Yes, except this problem was in Efficy 11.2.
So please, create a case before my customer notice this problem :)
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