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Hi All,

I've made a fresh install of Efficy 11.2.17611 on a new server, and have this error when trying to connect to efficy (or conficy)

Message: Invalid object name 'EFFICY_CRM.SYS_DATABASE' select

I precise that the DB is already existing on an other server, and is "OK", i can connect and use it from my local install.
I've compared the alias and customer profil on my local computer, and the one on the server, i didn't see any difference.

The error is the "EFFICY_CRM.SYS_DATABASE" EFFICYCRM is the name of the DB and the name of the alias, not the name of the DB owner, ... it must be AEFFICY.

I don't see what is wrong in my config.

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there was an error that i haven't see in the alias

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Hello Vincent,

As discuss, you set the wrong DB Owner in your alias manager.


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