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Recently the Exchange Web Synchro services have shown repeated occurrences of the error "EWS Login Error: SOAP header Action was not understood" during the connection to the main Exchange Account.
Our investigation has shown that this error only appears when the main (admin) Exchange Account does not have an associated mailbox.

To solve this issue you can install the following patches for the Exchange Web Synchro library:

  • Efficy 11.3: Exchange Web Synchro 11.3.18558
  • Efficy 11.2: Exchange Web Synchro 11.2.18561
  • Efficy 11.1: Exchange Web Synchro 11.1.18562
  • Efficy 11.0: Exchange Web Synchro 11.0.18542
  • Efficy 10 SP2+: Exchange Web Synchro 10.2.18563
  • Efficy 10 SP1: Exchange Web Synchro 10.1.18564

These patches are now available on the Partner FTP site.
For older versions you can work around the error by adding a mailbox to the admin account.

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