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EfficySession s = new EfficySession(...)
var dt = s.ExecuteSQLQuery("select * from ArdisICT.FILES WHERE K_TABLE=31000 AND K_1=:param1", 1, true, p2);
foreach (DataRow r in dt.Rows)
   string fname = r["PATH"].ToString();
   string streamv = r["STREAM"].ToString();
   byte[] bytes = s.ConvertFromBase64Attachment(streamv);

In bytes I get the zlib compressed data, but how can I get the right decompressed data?

Or can I use soap method similar to Efficy.getFileStream ?

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The stream contains a ZLib encrypted file, with a prefix of 8 characters (#1#2'ZLib'#3#4).
You can remove the first 8 characters and then it should decompress with ZLib.NET.

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