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i ve seen the post : Efficy 11.2: How do I create a new database?
but it s not helping since it requires to have a customer profile.

a customer profile requires to have a db alias.

a db alias require to have a db and the application login that was automatically created in the previous versions.

so please tell me i don't have to create a fake db and fake sql login to create a new Efficy 11.3 database on a new install...

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Right after Efficy 11.3 installation you should see the "Create Database" button on the Designer logon page.

If you check the HTML code you'll find that the "Create Database" button on the logon page is put inside a "<%OnSelectCustomer()%>" tag.

This OnSelectCustomer() function checks for two things:

1) If the Efficy.CustomerSelection setting (in ServerSettings.json) is empty, it will allow the contents (database creation button and customer selection dropdown) if there are no customer profiles defined. This is the situation directly after installation on a new server.

2) If the Efficy.CustomerSelection setting is not empty, it will allow the contents if you have passed this same value in the URL as parameter "customerselection". You could call this a sort of "password" for showing the database creation button and the customer selection dropdown box.


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Hey Robert, thanks for answering.

with no customer profile created I just can't go on the designer logon page.
it says that is not allowed in any customer profiles

(obviously trying to run it localy first)
Please do the following:

1) Open ServerSettings.json, search the value "customerSelection" and set it to "true". Like this:
    "customerSelection": "true",

2) Use
to connect. You should now see the database creation button.

3) Don't forget to remove customerSelection or set it to a real password value afterwards.

If you got "The host is not allowed in any of the customer profiles" you either already had at least one customer defined, or you had set a value for customerSelection which you did not pass in the URL.
it s true that we had set a customer and apparently since we have deleted it, something is still persistent. we ll try to reinstall Efficy
Why reinstall Efficy? :O
You can apply the procedure I gave above, takes 30 seconds...
It is not working. we did it.
still have the message not allowed in any of the customer profiles.
Ok Robert, we have totally rebuild the web.config from scratch and it seems to work. I don't understand why i have this behaviour and I suspect a cache system somewhere but i am just happy that  it works
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