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Efficy 11.2 Release Build 18522 is now available from the Efficy Partner FTP.

This build improves or corrects a number of issues that were present in build r17611 including the following:

  • Contact: Prevent picture to be cropped when form section is too small (CFT-2019-100128).
  • Data Synchro: Correct last sync date in ExecuteBatch (should be UTC date) (CFT-2019-99266).
  • Designer: Make sure Reference list is complete (no security clause in query) (CFT-2019-100754).
  • Documents: Always use plain ASCII file names for ImageMagick processing (CFT-2019-101682).
  • Documents: Perform PDF thumbnail creation in a thread with a configurable time-out (CFT-2019-99717).
  • Edit: Avoid losing formatting of memo of linked actions when modifying a Document or an Appointment.
  • Edit: Correct invalid verification of lock that makes consecutive edit of a relation record read-only (CFT-2019-101847).
  • ExportQuery: The behavior of the deprecated ActiveX component is now available via a Sidebar function (CFT-2019-99121).
  • Extranet: Add AdminMail setting to configure the "from" address when sending Extranet Password mail.
  • Files: Avoid conversion error in COM+ server when the FILES.CRC field contains null values.
  • Notifications: Fix wrong number of notifications in cloud environment (CFT-2019-98249).
  • PdfMerge: New service to split and merge PDF files using third-party tools like Sejda or VeryPdf.
  • Queries: Correct column headers when translated fields are present (CFT-2019-101723).
  • Queries: Correct security vulnerability related to inline SQL parameters (published previously as r17771).
  • Services: Allow script dependencies in services (CFT-2019-100432).
  • Servicy: Allow language customization for all Servicy HTML templates. (published previously as r17701).
  • Sidebar: Send Subject of mail as third parameter in CreateScreenshot() command.

We recommend that you install this build on your production servers.

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