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I am wondering if the 11.3 came with an enhancement for Excel merge templates.
From what I have found on here, we can't use the GetTable tag when working with XLS or XLSX templates.
Does someone know if this specific point is fixed ?

My need is that I have to do an Excel file which would contains a list of bills from a Custom Entity named Bills. So I need to use some filters to get only the bills I want (like only unpayed one) and format them in an Excel file. Ideally, I would have one Excel sheet per bill's kind.

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The templating engine for Excel is not extended in 11.3.

Have you considered making a custom consult detail tab - with a system query that filters the bills - and then export this datagrid to Excel?

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Thanks Kristof for your answer.
Yes I have considered this solution, but in this case I would need several tabs and I couldn't have all my kind of bills in one Excel file with several Sheets.
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