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When upgrading to 11.3 we encounter the problem that from custom windows (in this example an edit context) "undefined" is added in the URL when using the EditNewWithScript2 function.

EditNewWithScript2("Docu", ExtraParams, "CreateInvoice;libjson", type == 4 ? "CreateSplitInvoice" : "CreateInvoiceAllType");

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have there been changes to how this function is used or how it works in Efficy 11.3 ?

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I executed the command below from console (in Efficy 11.3) from desktop and from an edit window. In both situations, the dialog opens without "undefined" before the URL

EditNewWithScript2("Docu", "", "libjson", "");

Are you sure it's not custom related?

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AFAIK there are no recent changes in EditNewWithScript2, OpenEdit or OpenNewWindow that could generate this ("recent" meaning in the past couple of years).
If you find the origin of the issue, and if it's related to the standard code, please create a support ticket for it.

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Hello Stijn,

The only modification done to this function is between Efficy 10 and Efficy 11.
Because of the new "Action" in url mechanism.

For instance the following code in the function (Efficy 10) :

Action = "View();top.close()"

has been change to (Efficy 11)

Action = "viewClose;$E;$K";

So if your function has been customized (cf custom.js) you will probably need to upgrade it to the Efficy 11.3 version.

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