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I have a client who was in 10.2 and now goes to 11.2.
The problem I have is that when he wants to export a query to Excel, it fails because there are too many columns and so the server tells that the string is too big. But in 10.2 the client has never had any problems.
I looked at the structure of the two standards and actually it doesn't work the same way. I tried to add to the custom the same functioning as in the standard but it doesn't work. It doesn't take into account my changes... Does anyone have any ideas?

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In that case, the issue is due to Efficy but the "easy fix" is in IIS..

It's look likes that Efficy is calling the url to export to Excel with all field in the url ( GET call). For those queries, the defaut 4096 bytes of the "Maximum URL length" in the IIS request filtering was reach. Increasing the value fix the issue.

I'll Open a ticket to the R&D to make a Post call instead of a Get call.


Ps: Vanessa, you really should put a screenshot of the error next time.

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Efficy 11 ships with Export to Excel enhancements, as can be seen in the 11 release notes.

The export to Excel is completely renewed with version 11, there is a new engine behind it that allows to have a WYSIWYG export. R&D talks about an enhancement, because the new engine is feature rich compared to the old one.

For instance, with the usage of ExportColumns.txt you can layout the exported columns:

  • Datatype formatting: currencies, numbers etc. Previous version was only exporting strings
  • Alter the sheet name
  • Set column dimensions, like width

I assume that your query hits the limits of the new component, in terms of row size. If you reduce the amount columns, I wondering if you manage to make it work again.

If customizations don't work, you are doing it wrong :-)
Try to be more specific if you want assistance on that by making a new post with details of the customization.

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