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I've encountered a problem when a relation form becomes readonly when the user clicks 1 or 2 times on apply. This is in the standard of Efficy 11.2. Is this a known bug? If yes, how can this be solved? If no, how can we solve this?

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I need prove because I refuse to accept it as truth :-)
Can you make screenshots or record a movie clip ?
Thanks for the video. Now I can also simulate it in Efficy 11.3, with a relation between a Contact and a Company. I can't spot why this is happening, why Efficy server decides to make the relation context read-only. It really looks like an unintended feature, aka a bug :-)

I suggest that you make a new technical icident, referencing his post and your video document.
I've made the technical incident.

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Reference of the case is CFT-2019-101847, the R&D is working on it.
Thank you for reporting this issue!

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