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Yesterday morning I changed some files : one 'js/commands' and one macro.

  1. The comands use 'Browser.navigate()' to go on the page that use the
    macro with arguments that define which options have to be selected
    by default
  2. In the macro I added some options

The Macros works : the new options are available in the select
The problem is that the js/commands send the old arguments in the url so the selected options is not the good one.

It works for the session admins (I disable file caching in the admin interface) but it don't works for other users

Is there a way to tell Efficy that it needs to refresh the files without emptying the cache by hand for each user ?

Thanks in advance

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You can try to refresh Efficy on server side.
You can log on administration console then reset Database Connections, Refresh Settings and Release Libraries.
Then stop the COM+ Server.

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Yes, there is. Read the client side Cache Busting techniques in a previous post of myself.

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