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Did anybody make the above possible to run?

No matter which port or encryption method I am using, I get Socket (10054) errors, wrong SSL version or similar. The Exchange Sync Service is running very fine, but not the impersonation for Automatic Mails Upload.

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Hello Alan,

Your exchange server is using SSL ? If yes, the server on which the service is running has to have OpenSSL installed (or equivalent).
If not, the SSL protocol won't be able to be reached and you get an error.

You can also try without SSL encryption.

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Yes, Exchange uses it. But unfortunately it is already installed and not working.

Can you say, if in default installation of Exchange 2016 TLS1-2 Implicit on port 443 should be correct?
It's probably correct yes.
I had some troubles too to set up AutoMailUploaderService recently and finally got it. The only difference is that I was not using impersonate user.

Now we have migrate on cloud (Office 365) and we are using port 993 with TLS1_2 Implicit and it works fine.

I had the case on a customer and I simply disabled the SSL and for mysterious reason, it works without it.
Thanks for the inspiration on this! Seems not to work on our side with impersonation, too; so we'll handle it with individual account providers and sidebar-login. Not that nice, but works too!
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