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In the (Efficy 11.2 Phone/Actions section of the Efficy Sidebar options, you can see the following text:

Tip: ask your Efficy administrator to add more actions

Can anyone explain to me:

  • What kind of extra actions can be added ?
  • Can they be added by the customer themselves, or does it have to be added as a customization ?
  • How can it be added ?
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Hello Jan,

I don't know if you have already looked at the documentation :


If I quote the end of the paragraph concerning the tab Actions :

You can choose from a number of actions that were defined on the web
server and are stored in a configuration file. Typical actions include
showing the contact, showing the contact with the tab Overview,
showing the contact with the linked actions and showing a contact and
create a new action.

By default, the actions file DialogPhoneOperation.htm is used.

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