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I was looking at code modification between Efficy 11.2 and Efficy 11.3 and I remarked that the RunQuery Function Tags has new Arguments :


Full exemple from MacroWidget.txt

<%RunQuery("Todo", master="32", detail="1", update="Acti", expires="10", param1="today", param2="1", param3="%%GetUserKey()")%>

Expires is quite clear, if I am correct the queryHandle expire after 10 minutes in our example.
But I don't understand the update Argument, can anyone explain it, I could not find any documentation in EDN from this?

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They are indeed not documented in https://help.efficy.com/edn/tags#RunQuery
In the relase history, there is this line:
Queries: Allow caching of <%RunQuery()%> results with expiration after N minutes and refresh after update of entity.

So, the update="Acti" might imply that the cache is invalidated as soon as an Action gets updated

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This is a new query caching feature that can have a big impact on performance.
Apparently the documentation hasn't made it to the EDN folder yet :(.
Below the explanations that will appear:

default value: "0"
Introduced in Efficy 11.3
The expiration time in minutes of the query results. By default 0, which means that the query result is not cached.
Specify a value to cache the query result for improved performance.

Introduced in Efficy 11.3
If the query is cached (expires not 0), invalidate a result stored in cache if a change (create, update or delete) is performed by the user on this entity.

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