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for a customer we've made a connection with a external webservice. This external party is migrating their service so that it's going to use TLS 1.2. We are testing this but we encounter a problem when we make a request to that external webservice which is using TLS 1.2. We receive the following error:

Cannot find web server "xxxxx.xxxxxx.xx"
Error Code: 12044
EEfficyException 0
(LIBS-1690) Cannot find web server "xxxxx.xxxxxx.xx"
Error Code: 12044
ESlspException 0
Application Server Error

I'm using the following code to make the request:

var soapResponse = efficy.OpenURL2(this.options.Url + apiCommandUrl, soapText, this.soapHeaders);

Does anyone know how I can solve this?

Best regards,

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Could you include the used Efficy version?
Did you try with openUrlSecure, it is the superior version of openUrl and openUrl2.
It's in Efficy 11.1.
I've tried also openUrlSecure, but it has the same result.
Does it work with Postman?
I'm using SoapUI, but there it's working.

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I Google the error code, this is what I found:

Returned by WinHttpReceiveResponse when the server requests client authentication.

Maybe TLS 1.2 has to be enabled in the registry, could you try this registry configuration on the server?

enter image description here

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Hi Kristof,

even if I add that to the registry I still get the same error. I've even restarted my laptop.
PM me the link of the web service, I can also give it a try.
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