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I would like to know if the standard file uploading is using Efficy.smartCompressEx(stream, fileName)
if yes, we can see in edn that

If a Filename is specified, SmartCompressEx checks if it is necessary
to compress it (depending on the file extension).

I would like to know especially if pdf file are compressed or not, but it can be interesting to have the entire rules of what is compressed ? and what is not compressed.


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Maybe outdated - information is from 2014 - but this is what I found:

The list of file extenstions that are not compressed is hardcoded in the efficy.dll

.zip .tar.gz .rar .jpg .jpeg .gif .png .mp3 .wma.


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it is usefull for me because the question is for a 2014 right now, .. but we will migrate in 11.2.
Can you find somewhere the response for 11.2 ?

Do we know how it is compressed ?

(the question behind, is : is it possible to get the compressed stream  out of Efficy, and decompress it in an external application ?)
It's best to export the files using the Efficy API
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