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I have recently installed Efficy 11.3 and I am doing a features review.
I think I have well understood the Dashboards and Widgets.

I am now trying to simulate a Project lifetime with the Project Management Module.
I have created one stage with two deliverables ; the first one has 3 steps and the second one 1 step.
I have assigned some users to the steps.

What I want to test now is what can users assigned see or do ?
I thought that for instance the user who is assigned as Developer could only modify the time spent on the step, until the step is complete. But I guess I did something wrong because when I log in Efficy with this user, I don't see any project in the Project consult page until I change the user selection.
Once I have selected the user who has created the Project I am able to go to the Project Management module but my Developer can do everything : edit the project, delete the project, create or edit phase, deliverable, step, etc.

What I am missing ?

Thanks for your help,

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Well I think it just needs to have all users involved in the project, whatever their skills, linked as User to the project.
I linked my two users to the project, gave read rights in the Security and my users can see the project but not edit it.

They can edit their time spent on their steps but that's all they can do in Project Management module.

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