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Efficy 11.3 has a Web setting loadBalancing. We had a issue with a developer where this setting was set to "1" and it caused very slow connection cleanup operations (or something else hidden that happened in between)

Any idea how this setting could have been set on "1"?

When this load balancing is enabled, what other settings come into play and how does it actually work?

There is simply no documentation about it.

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Web.LoadBalancing only has an impact if you specify that more than one Application Server (COM+ Server) is used in the Web.AppServers setting.

The value can be 0 (Parallel) or 1 (Serial).
In Parallel mode the Application Servers will be equally loaded.
In Serial mode the first Application Server will be loaded to capacity before switching to the next Application Server.

The Web.AppServers setting allows you to define the list of Application Servers separated by semicolumn (;).
Each AppServer definition contains a server name and parameters MAX=xxx LF=yyy specifying the maximum number of user sessions for the server and the load factor for the server (if Parallel mode loading is used).
Example for AppServers: Server1 MAX=100 LF=1; Server2 MAX=200 LF=2

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