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a customer is using the DataSynchro to import records.
In Efficy 10SP2+ it did run without any problems, but they are now migrated to Efficy 11.2 and when they now use the DataSynchro to create a new import and want to select the tables they get the error 'Unknow EntityView ""'.
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We didn't change anything to the structure.
How can we find out on which EntityView it's about?

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So, you don't get this exception at Efficy or Designer logon?

The issue is likely related to incomplete system tables modifictions during the upgrade, because they were marked as ISCUSTOM='1'. Check if you see anything suspicious in SYS_ENTITYVIEWS, column TABLEVIEWS for records where ISCUSTOM='1'

Maybe a duplicated ; char...

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Hi Kristof,

that was the first thing I checked and there were some TABLEVIEWS which ended with a ;. I've corrected this but the error remains.
PM me the customer name and environment, so I can have a deeper look and simulate the issue. What version of DataSynchro are you using?
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I can reproduce the error with a standard database as well when I try to select a table before I made a session with Efficy.

If you first click on "connect" in the Efficy connection tab first, then proceed to the "Import table" tab and select a table, I don't get this error.

Can you confirm the same behavior?

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Hi Kristof,

it doesn't matter for me if I first click on "connect" or not. Both ways I get the error message. When I click the second time on the "Efficy objects" I don't get the error anymore but I don't know if everything is working correctly then.
Make  a case about the issue anyway, this is not normal.

I personally never used that table selector in the DataSynchro, I prefer and recommend doing the code all manually.

You can be pretty sure now nothing is wrong with the database after the upgrade
The customer has made the case (CFT-2019-101034).
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