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I've noticed that since I don't know when that a user is only seeing the references which they have rights on. This is unwanted behavior for user administrators which creates references. In this way it's possible that a user administrator is creating a duplicate reference as it's possible that it's a reference which they don't need to have rights on.

Is there a way for a user administrator to see by default all the references?

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Indeed, I never noticed that either. I tried adding the nosecurity option to the query, but that option is not used by Designer.

// Doesn't work

I also believe that references in Designer should not respect security. Jeroen, I recommend you make a case for this "issue".

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Hi Kristof,

I've just made the case.

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That never was intended, funny it's taken 15 years to get noticed.

We should remove the security from this query, I'll wait for the support Case to arrive at the R&D.

Thanks for signaling this issue!

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