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is it possible to use a different date format within Efficy based on the role of the user?
I'm asking this, because a customer wants to be able to have 1 Efficy environment but different date formats to use in Efficy.
For instance:
for European countries the European date format and for the American countries the American date format.

Is this possible?

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No, that is not possible, mainly because the browser and the server need to be aligned when posting form data. Else, the server can misunderstand the date.

If you use another hostname together with a different IIS Application Pool, it is technically possible to configure different environmental settings. But having more than one URL is annoying when users are sharing direct links with each other.

I recommend the customer to get a consensus about the date format they are going to use for input.

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This is a feature we want to develop in the future (it will definitely be present in Efficy 2022), basically a user should be able to pick any regional settings without any impact on other users.

Currently that's not possible, all the users of the same Application Pool have to use the same locale (numeric date/time format).

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