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After reading the team guide for workflow events, i am still having trouble to perform some logic after a merge. It is apparently not easy to perform some logic on the finished, merged entity.

For my case, i need to do some logic after linked roles have been merged into 1 of the contacts but i can't seem to use the right event (tried afterCommitCont, afterCommitContRole, afterCommitRoleCont, ... ).

What would be the solution to perform some logic after all the merging has been done?

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Hi Ken

It is very difficult to hook workflow events in a merge process, we tried and struggled a lot with it. Together with a strategical customer and their analyst, we created a specifications document for an extension of Efficy. This was approved by R&D and is now part of the upcoming road map.

Take a look at CFT-2019-99125 and link your user (and customer) if you want to be kept up to date with the release. Read the analysis and all extensions that are going to be included in the linked document.

The earliest release of this feature is for July 2019, but that is not guaranteed.

I truly recommend to skip and postpone all development requests until these features and the AfterDuplicateMerge event is available.

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Thank you. I will keep an eye on this and look forward to the possibilities of these features.
The (complex) merge process consists of a lot of separate database changes, which all fire workflow events (changing links, moving data from one company/contact to the other and removing one of the two records).
Why don't we add some kind of "Special context" to each event ? This special context is empty by default, but can be added when the event is invoked from a special procedure like a merge. In that case you can control what to do when this event is invoked because of, for example, a merge.
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I implemented a custom to keep track of merged records as explained in this post ;
How to detect records that have been deleted during a merge and find the surviving record?

A R&D solution would indeed be better but if you're in a hurry...

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