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I wanted to ask if it is possible to extend the standard double finder in Efficy 11.2 to other fields? Is the double finder open for customization?

I haven't had the time to really look into this so i wanted to see first if anyone already has experience with this.

Thank you.


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Hi Ken,

Yes you can, it is well explained here and has a powerful configuration, as you can even define other analyse kinds like Postcode, Phone, Web. Filtering records is also possible.

Including fields in the fuzzy algorithm matching
Define which fields will be taken into account by the fuzzy algorithm, and which field matching template should be used for each field. If several fields use the same field matching template, they will all be compared to each other. For example, all phone and fax fields use the Phone template, hence all phone and fax numbers will be compared to each other.

Key fields
If there are fields available that upon finding an exact duplicate should result into a 100% double, use the key fields configuration.

To my understanding, it is limited to fields on the main table.

Since Efficy 11.2, settings are no longer stored in an ini file next to the service, but straight into SYS_SETTINGS with name SVC_DoubleFinder.

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Thank you for the information!
Hello Kristof. I might not have been clear enough in my question.

I think you are describing the doublefinder service wich will notify the user after the creation of a possible double (is this correct?).
But what of the integrated doublefinder inside the interface? (check screenshot in original question). Is this something that can be easily customized too?

Sorry for the misunderstanding.
This is named the "Search Similar Record" feature. Please keep this original question (remove the screenshot) and add a new question with the screenshot.
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