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Is there a manual on how to add a custom sys_setting and use it in conjunction with <%GetSetting()%> and Efficy.getSysSettingsValue(aName)?

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Hello Rob

Don't use SYS_SETTINGS for writing custom settings, continue to use SYS_STORAGE. It has full API and caching support. You will also strictly divide standard settings from custom.

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But SYS_STORAGE is about to disappear in future version of Efficy so is it really a good idea to continue to use it ?
The table SYS_STORAGE is not deprecated and will not be replaced. It will just not be used anymore for storing all kind of different standard settings and switches.

Efficy offers server side a few storage soltutions:
1. SYS_STORAGE, for custom global application settings
2. <%GetStoredParam()%> and Efficy.writeInteger/writeString for persisted user settings (like browsers localStorage)
3. Efficy.writeSessionXxxx methods for non-persisted user settings for that session only (like browsers sessionStorage)
Ok weird. I'm pretty sure someone in Efficy's team said to me that SYS_STORAGE will be deprecated.
But fine thanks for the answer.
That person likely misunderstood the following 11.2 release note line:

New multi-staged JSON-based settings system to replace registry keys/SYS_STORAGE/ini file usage for Efficy and its Services.

It should be interpreted as the accumulated settings spread over the years in registry, sys_storage and ini files are now centralized in one location, SYS_SETTINGS. Certainly not as a total deprecation of SYS_STORAGE.
Thanks for your replies! I will continue to use sys_storage.
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Hello rva,

I'm not sure there is a manual somewhere.
By the way, it's not very complicated to use custom Sys_Settings. You can create new settings using the Designer.
Just click on Database Configuration in the Designer in the Database Management tab and you have a blank space at the end of the settings list.

In my opinion, you should use JSON format for your setting, it is easier to maintain and to use in ServerJS.

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