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I need to customize the relation Oppo Prod for a client.
I added several custom fields in Product Entity and Oppo_Prod Entity and now I want to display them on the relation's edit grid.
But I can't find what query is executed to get the fields mapped in the GetRelationGrid Macro :

/* Custom de la relation Prod-Oppo */
TabContentProds.Oppo {[
<div class="content tabs-content-item" id="tab-prod">
<div class="row">
<div class="small-12 medium-1 columns">
<button type="button" class="icon i-add <%IfReadOnly(detail='Prod', then='disabled')%>" title="<%GetLabel('Add Link to Product')%>" data-msg="addProduct"></button>
<div class="small-12 medium-11 columns">
<h3 class="section-title"><%GetLabel("Linked products")%></h3>
<%OnMultiCurrency(0=, else=|<div id="currcyError"><span class="error"><%GetLabel("Warning: The currency must be set before adding products")%></span></div>|)%>
<%Delay(1)%>GetRelationGrid(columndefs="GridEditColumns.txt", entity="Prod",

When I try to add a column here, I get an error message because the column doesn't exist in the DS of Oppo_Prod :

Message: DSOppoEdit6ProdOppo: Field 'PRICE1' not found

If someone can help me on this, just to find which query I have to modified, thank you all.

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You should share your solution here. Imho the solution is about finding the good sys_query or sys_tableviews and customize it.
Cache issue by the way.
You have to customize the tableview Prod_Oppo.
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