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In project consult page, I customised the tab where linked oppos are displayed.

For each oppo linked, I had to display relation values between a custom entity and oppo.

It look like this:

relation between proj and oppo

The custom:

DetailGrid.Proj.Oppo {[
    <%GetDetailGrid(columndefs="GridColumns", entity="$DETAIL$", columns="%%Macro('DetailGridColumns')", sum="%%Macro('DetailGridSum')", group="NAME")%>
DetailGridColumns.Proj.Oppo {[NAMEINDICATOR,F_TOTAL]}

NAMEINDICATOR is a field given by the customized SYS_QUERY

Then to display the icon to get the edit relation menu:

group {[
<tr class="group">
<td colspan="$COLUMNCOUNT$">
<span class="dropdown no-pip i-menu small" data-dropdown="detail-menu" data-args="<#G=$KEY$>"></span>
<i class="i-<#ACTION>" data-msg="group;<#ACTION>;<#HASH>"></i>

And, once again in MacroConsult:

DetailMenu.Proj.Oppo {[<%GetPopupMenu(id="detail-menu", class="has-icons small", ulargs='data-channel="detailmenu"', count="4",
text1="Edit #DETAIL", image1="i-edit",
text2="Duplicate", image2="i-Dupl",
text3="Edit relation", image3="i-edit",
text4="Delete relation", image4="i-delete",

I have the menu:
relation menu

And when I click on "Edit relation", I have this error message:

error message

And here is what I have in the url:

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The grid tag <#G> returns the extended relation key. When multiple relations are allowed between two entities (presence of K_RELATION field), the returned value is "DetailKey_KRelation". Otherwise, it just returns the detail key.

When you use this tag to a group header, there is no key information available.

It's not clear to me what relation you are trying to open...

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Hello Kristof, thank you for your answer.

About the relations in this project: one project can be linked to multiple opportunities, and an opportunity can be linked to multiple records from a custom entity (called "financement").

I try to list all opportunities linked to a project, and under each opportunity, all the "financement" linked
If you group on K_OPPORTUNITY, you can use it as DetailKey argument
Yes, I saw it, but when I group on K_OPPORTUNITY, I lose the display of the opportunity name
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