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Last Friday, I created several Indexes on different tables. Indeed, we need those indexes to optimize the matching on the customer ID during the datasync and when the customer uses the API.
Today all those indexes have disappeared. What's happen between last Friday and today? An upgrade DB was launched. It seems this action destroys those customs indexes.
Is it the standard behavior? If it is, how to create custom indexes that are not destroy on each db upgrade?

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PS: the "Tools" option into the dbeditor didn't exist anymore into Efficy11.x

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All custom database objects that you add should be prefixed with CUSTOM_.
This includes indexes, triggers, functions, procedures and views

Tables and fields don't need this constraint.

If you forget this prefix, a DbUpgrade will drop every unkown database object in the Efficy schema.

It's also used in this DataSynchro example for index CUSTOM_IDX_F_EXTKEY

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