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Hey guys, would be so nice to have an autocompletion of every method and property inside VSCode, i hope someone will developpe something soon.

Like that we can developpe more faster and be more productive !

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Hi gwa,

Good news for you,

i juste developper this week-end a node.JS script that scrape our EDN and generate a snippet file that can be used by VSCode :

Zip file :
Or unzipped folder
Unzipped folder
or GitLab

Instruction of installation inside ReadMe.txt

The zip file content, the snippet file for autocompletion, and the script to generate it regarding information on EDN.
Method is fetch,
but in this version property is hardcoded.

The bonnus is that you have description of method if you click on (i) inside VScode when you type autocompletion words.

enter image description here
enter image description here

If anyone want to improve this script, you can edit the file EdnParser.js

Maybe we can have a version on our SVN, like that we could maybe generate file for other IDE or text editor and anyone can help make progress on the concept.

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Could you provide it as .vsix file so we can easily install it? Or provide some install instructions.
Is it possible to answer to Kristof ?
I find this extension interesting too, but without any instruction, it's complicated to use it...
this is just awesome.
I would recommand to put a copy of the generated snippets file in the corresponding version folder on the ftp partner.

best regards
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You can copy the snippet file to : C:\Users\ {USERNAME} \AppData\Roaming\Code\User\snippets

and it should be actived

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It works perfectly thank you !
Second confirmation that it works! I suggest to store the install instruction in the ZIP file
good idea, it's updated inside a ReadMe.txt

here is a gitlab with file of project : https://gitlab.com/warga/efficyjs
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