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I have a custom entity (ACTIVITY), and i use it in docuEdit behind a TabContentApfi exactly like TabContentProds.

i would like to activate the possibility to sort all linked activities, i've created a sortdelete.Apfi in GridEditColumnsCustom

td.SORTDELETE.Apfi [<td> <%DeleteRelationButton(entity="$ENTITY$",
> key="<#G>")%>   <ul class="small-12 columns button-group">
>     <li><button class="i-up icon narrow move-up" title="<%GetLabel('Move Up')%>" type="button"
> data-msg="cebPerform;CEB_STATE;SORT\;APFI\;<#G>\;1" ></button></li>
>     <li><button class="i-down icon narrow move-down" title="<%GetLabel('Move Down')%>" type="button"
> data-msg="cebPerform;CEB_STATE;SORT\;APFI\;<#G>\;0'"></button></li>
>     <li><button class="i-delete icon narrow" title="<%GetLabel('Delete Relation')%>" type="button"
> data-msg="delete2;<#G>;$ENTITY$"></button></li>   </ul> </td>]

, ofcourse i also need to create a K_SORT field, but, i've just try the CEB_STATE;SORT before creating it, and i receive this error.

Erreur inattendue ID: CORE-1388 Message: Invalid Detail for

So, i'm asking me if we can do that, is there any sys_queries, or others things to do ?


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I would suggest to move forward with the creation of the field K_SORT in APFI_PROD. Efficy likely checks if a field with that name exists.

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i confirm that adding fields (K_SORT, but also K_RELATION)  is the only things needed, no additinal custom or macro code.
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Hi Vincent,

If you are in Edit, you should check the SYS_TABLEVIEWS not the SYS_QUERIES
Check that you have an entry similar to "Docu_Prod" but for your new Entity and that this table view is call in SYS_ENTITYVIEWS : DocuEdit like the prod : Docu_Prod=Prod

We had the same issue in the French Team, to solve it we needed to create the column K_SORT and K_RELATION base on the standard field we found on the DOCU_PROD relation.

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this table is ok, ... i can display the details data, add it, delete it, like docu_prod, ... but i can't sort it
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