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I installed both the latest versions of 11.1 and 11.2 on my Windows OS:

  1. Efficy 11.1.17608 x64
  2. Efficy 11.2.17611 x64

Only the last installed version can be used, the other version throws an "Interface not supported" error. Pretty sure it's related to the Dotnet dlls, but I thought this issue was already fixed.

thread $3f98:
0437c3a4 +054 efficy.dll   Encoder_TLB      TEncoderStub.Connect
0437c4bd +01d efficy.dll   Encoder_TLB      TEncoderStub.GetDefaultInterface
0437ca71 +021 efficy.dll   Encoder_TLB      TEncoderStub.AddHtmlAllowedTag

Anything I can do about it?

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