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For one of my customer, we are thinking of using the gamification module, to create quizz / survey in the Extranet. We showed him a few screenshot, he like the idea.

Would that be hard to implement ? I need to make a first estimate (in hours of dev) before the customer sign for it.



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It's a nice idea to propose quizzes on the extranet.
Quizzes are a rather autonomous part of the gamification module, with relatively little effort you can use them "stand-alone".
A quiz (in table QZ ̲QUIZZES) is a list of "quiz questions" (in table QZ ̲QUESTIONS) with a number of answers (in table QZ ̲ANSWERS), some of which are correct. The results for the user are stored in tables QZ ̲QUIZRESULTS and QZ ̲QQSTRESULTS.

Currently quizzes only work with real Efficy users ("players") that are part of the team. It will require some development to make this feature available on the extranet, for users that are Contacts.
Changes in the database structure are at least the following:
- New table QZ ̲QUIZ ̲CONT
I'm not sure everything can be done in Custom development, I expect that certain things in Efficy.dll need to be changed to work with a K ̲CONTACT instead of a K ̲USER.

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Hello Robert,
Thanks for this great news. If we provide you a more "detailed" explanation of what kind of custom we want to make with the quizzes, do you think it could be changed for 11.3 (the Efficy.dll part) ?

I'd love to, but we are getting very close to the 11.3 release, at some point we have to stop the development.
You can send us a spec so we can take a look, but I cannot guarantee that we'll be able to squeeze it in the release schedule.
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In a more "general" way,

it might be a very good feature to propose to our customers. As standard module.
What is more Efficy than creating a "deeper customer engagement" within the extranet ?


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