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Efficy 11.1 r17608 is now available from the Efficy Partner FTP.

This build includes the following corrections or improvements compared to r16590:

  • Allow filebase and custombase URL parameters to contain slashes (/) and backslashes (). (published previously as 11.1.16658).
  • Concurrent users: Avoid redirection from logon page to desktop when a session has expired (CFT-2019-97098).
  • Consult: Hide date if empty for definition "DATE" (CFT-2018-90782).
  • Documents: Correction for opening linked files (hasn't worked since Efficy 11.0) (CFT-2019-97939).
  • Flexmail: Filter unsupported XML characters in synchro requests (CFT-2019-98445).
  • Flexmail: Prevent deleting contact having the same email address in different email fields (CFT-2019-97325).
  • Sidebar: Fix efficy: protocol not working after Windows Update for IE. (published previously as 11.1.16948).
  • Sidebar: Handle "remote" files in the same way as embedded files (CFT-2019-98977).
  • Sidebar: Large files will always remain large files (the initial size decides whether a file is large).

We recommend that you install this build on all Efficy 11.1 installations.


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