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Efficy 11.2 r17611 is now available from the Efficy Partner FTP.

This build improves or corrects a number of issues that were present in build r17243 including the following:

  • Agenda: Avoid MAIN field not found error when creating follow-up of appointment with actions linked to it (CFT-2019-98652).
  • API: Insertion of new entiy in /json API did not return key (CFT-2019-99314).
  • API: Various minor improvements to exception handling of JSON and SOAP RPC (CFT-2019-98660).
  • API: Obfuscate profile password saved in SOAP request logs.
  • API Key: Make sure * enables all IP addresses in the IP whitelist.
  • Azure AD: If "email" property is not available in idtoken response, use "uniquename" property instead (CFT-2019-98308).
  • Concurrent users: Avoid redirection from logon page to desktop when a session has expired (CFT-2019-97098).
  • DataSync: Publish property efficy.logThreadIndex for import/export scripts.
  • DataSync remote: Correct multi-threaded operation so that Efficy.dll uses multiple sessions.
  • DBCommandTools: If structure files are not located in current folder, get them from the install dir (CFT-2019-99433).
  • DBStaging: Add a check to force usage of proper Efficy data types (CFT-2019-98593).
  • Documents: Improve management of conflicting attachment versions with option of keeping both files.
  • Documents: When efficy.zipFiles creates a large file, make lcoal file copy if Servicy is on same server (CFT-2019-99454).
  • dtSearch: Now installed by its own Setup so that the dtSearch component can be shared by several Efficy installations.
  • Duplicate Merge: When merging contacts also update ACCACCOUNTS.KCONTACT (CFT-2019-98874).
  • Edit: Reload edit when releasing lock so all controls are read-only.
  • Efficy Drive: Fix missing registry key in installation via Sidebar (CFT-2019-98994).
  • Gamification: Fix context encoding for motivation feed next reward.
  • Google Chrome: Avoid ERRNETWORKIO_SUSPENDED error in Ajax calls after Windows sleep and wake up.
  • Internet Explorer: Correct content type for Efficy error messages (CFT-2019-98841).
  • Locks: Add detection of disconnect events to check if someone modified the item since disconnect.
  • Options: Disable autocomplete for mail upload passwords (CFT-2019-98550).
  • PdfOffice Converter: Kill Word/Excel/Powerpoint after a configurable time-out when PDF conversion hangs (CFT-2019-98891).
  • Qlik: Allow Efficy.Qlik settings to be defined per database instead of only in ServerSettings.json (CFT-2019-98920).
  • SideBar: Fix SOAP issue when ThousandSeparator is #0 (variable missing in registry when imported) (CFT-2019-98368).
  • Sidebar: Handle "remote" files in the same way as embedded files (CFT-2019-98977).
  • Sidebar: Large files will always remain large files (the initial size decides whether a file is large).
  • Sidebar (macOS): Reconnect to existing context and keep context opened if a file is currently uploaded or downloaded.
  • Timeline optimisation: Use existing consult context instead of opening new contexts for every request.
  • Translated Fields: Included in search queries, and used in treeviews and for sorting and grouping.
  • Treeview: Correct "Confidential" message in parent nodes of treeview.
  • Treeview: Fix broken treeview when items have single quotes in their names.

There are a number of very good improvements in the list above, we recommend that you install this build on all Efficy 11.2 installations.


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