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I have questions about the (Flexmail) form into Efficy. Indeed when we sent a campaign, we can assign a Flexmail form to this campaign. When the result are sync, the data of this form is stored into PUBL_CONT.FORMDATA

But for a customer, we need to manipulate some data from this form. So my questions are:
-Can we manipulate this data with the workflow during the sync?
-Can we customize the connector to manipulate the data?
-Is it stored as a json text?

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For consultation & manipulation of the JSON data, you can you can hook into the workflow event BeforeCommitPublCont. This event is raised when FORMDATA is set

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Hi Laurent,

PUBL_CONT.FORMDATA contains the form result in json, the synchro is in serverjs so you can customize it.

The location where we convert the filename/value data into json and save it in the FORMDATA field is in the function SetPublContInfo of the file efficy/serverjs/flexmail/efficyImplementation.js.

The location where we retrieve the form result from Flexmail is in the function GetFormResult of the file efficy/serverjs/flexmail/flexmailImplementation.js.

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