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Do we have a documentation for the configuration of this feature?

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Hello Erwin

Starting from Efficy 11.2, Efficy settings have been moved from SYS_STORAGE to SYS_SETTINGS.

The consolidatedcurrency documention is not up to date yet, but the information to be configured today is identical. Go in Designer to Database Settings and edit the JSON of Efficy. Provide the integer value for property multicurrencymode


The values to be configured are described here multicurrencymode:

  1. Variable mode
  2. Fixed mode

Leaving it blank or 0 is the default configuration, No Multicurrency (default)

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Dear Erwin,

If you look in the FTP Partners of Efficy (R7987) in the folder /Efficy CRM/Efficy 10
there is the build notes in PDF. In this document all the information to install the multicurrency in Efficy is explain.

The different mode are also explain there.

The only thing that is not explain, is that it exist in standard a serverscript that you can schedule and that will get the Exchange Rate automatically. This script can be found in the wwwroot of Efficy since Efficy 10 SP1 : R8930 in the folder : efficy\serverscripts
It is called "CurrcyRates.js"

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