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I try to use a copyDetails2 to copy all linked Apfi (a new custom entity) from proj to docu, but it seems nothing is copied (no error, just nothing copied)

database.copyDetails2(docuContext, ntProj, projKey, [ntApfi], false, false);

(ntApfi is know in my code, declared before with the entity Id).

Proj_Apfi is available in consult.
Docu_Apfi is available in consult and edit.

Is copyDetails2 using consult or edit mode on source entity to get all detail ?
Is there a sys_queries to add/modify for that for that ?
Or must i do it "manually" with an openconsult, consultdetail, and a loop of insertdetail2 ?


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Are you sure the entity Apfi is available as detail in edit Proj?
It only copy details available in edit

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Okey, if copyDetails2 work in edit, in this case, it is the problem, i didn't activate Apfi in edit, only in consult.

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