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Is there an easy way to change the label position of a checkbox field in efficy 10SP2 in an edition form? For example i would like the gdpr label to be right of the checkbox instead of above it using the standard checkbox.

enter image description here

I have changed the field data definition (field management) label position but that doesn't seem to work.
I have tried with a custom field definition creating my own checkbox but the data isn't saved (i'll try to continue on this but wanted to ask here first).

I know i could change the css but this seems to be a lot of work (seeing the complexity of the switch class) for a simple modification.

Thank you.


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1. Could you include a screenshot and indicate what you want to achieve?
2. You mention changing the field definition, but you don't say what the previous and current value was, just that "it didn't work". The definition is important and we have to know as well if the definition is custom or standard
Apologies, modified the question to be more clear.

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