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What are the columns PUBLISH and TRANSLATE in dictionary table SYS_FIELDS?

For TRANSLATE, I assume it can be mapped to the Translated field values as described in the release notes of 11.2. But how can this be used?

What is the purpose of PUBLISH?

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The TRANSLATE field has appeared in Efficy 11.2 and indeed maps to the "translated" property of the field in the Designer. This activates the field contents translation in Efficy, which will generate in the edit window a blue button next to a field to enter the translated field values. For this to work, you also need to add the Translation detail in the edit context of the entity (there is a warning message that will tell you this).

The PUBLISH field has been present since the start. It tells the query builder that the field can be used in the so-called "Published" part of the query, which are the fields that you want to show in a query for all the records for which the user doesn't have the security access (and are normally invisible for the user).

In the options of a query definition you can put a "PublishedRows" boolean value that activates the Published part. This will generate a query with an additional "union all" which selects the fields that have the PUBLISH property set for all the records that are normally invisbible for the user.

AFAIK this feature is not really used.

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Hi Kristof,

AFAIK, this exists since quite a long time.
It allows to show a field to users having no rights on a record.

EG: users X cannot have read rights on invoices/projects.
In the document/project grid, if the name and opened fields are published, users will be allowed to see the name of the invoice/project and if it's still opened.

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I still don't understand it. Aren't you mixing rights and permissions? What is the "document/project grid", is that the relation "Project" in a document context? What fields do we publish in Submariners then? It's not used in standard.
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